Jen Dunlap is an accomplished Artist and Production Designer based in LA and NYC. Her Design work is heavily influenced by her Visual Art practice (painting, sculpture, and performance); she brings a deep understanding of color, form, symbolism, space, and humor into her work.
Jen has over a decade of Film, Commercial, and Broadway experience working with many esteemed Directors and Clients.
(Mike Nichols, Ethan Hawke, Karyn Kusama, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Gilly Barnes, Mia Lidofsky, Sasha Levinson, Claire Cottrell, Derek McLane, FakeLove, Reggie Watts, CollegeHumor, HBO, Google, Kia, Netflix, Refinery29, Boom Chicka Pop, UnderArmour, BMW, and The New York Times, + )

In the mid 2000's she was one of three starting Producers in CollegeHumor's Original Video department, making zany off-beat comedy videos with limited resources and a lot of enthusiasm. Later she began to freelance design in the Film and Commercial industry while intermittently acting as a Property Supervisor on many Broadway shows. This diversity in genre and medium has pushed Jen to cultivate a high level of craftsmanship that she brings to each new challenge.

Artist Portfolio : www.JenDunlap.com

Contact: jendunlapdesign @ gmail

‘Channeling Charley' - 2017

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